Electric Heaters For Feet – The Top Five

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Having cold feet can not only be extremely uncomfortable but they can also make your whole body feel cold. Whether you are sitting at home, out on the bike or working outside in the cold, we go through why your feet get cold and the Top Five Best Electric Heaters for Feet at home or when out and about.

Electric Heaters for Feet – What’s available?

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Why do my feet get so cold?

Our feet are at the end of our bodies and sometimes get left out in the cold! Compared to other parts of our bodies, our feet have a large surface area with very few muscles that can create natural heat. When sitting down, working at a desk or standing around in the cold, our, sometimes, static feet can feel as if they have been chopped off at the ankles!

What can I do about my cold feet?

Once feet start to get cold, it can be very difficult to get them back up to temperature, especially if you suffer from mobility issues. Of course, moving around will help to improve circulation but the only thing that will really help is to apply direct heat to those delicate plates of meat!

Wearing thick socks can really help to keep the heat in but unfortunately, socks won’t’ get your feet back up to a comfortable temperature alone. For that to happen, you need to apply some direct heat. This can come in two forms, feet warming pads or using electric heaters for feet.

What’s Available:

Electrically Heated Slippers

Heated slippers are the ultimate at home feet warmers. The slippers have a carbon fibre cable that heats the sole and top of the slippers and this is powered by a rechargeable battery. A real advantage if you want to move around the house.

Each slipper has its own battery which can be stored in a small pouch on the top of the slipper. There are three heat settings that allow a range of heat between 40 – 60 degrees Centigrade. Depending on the heat setting the battery will last between 2.5 and 5 hours before a recharge. The slippers also have soft backs so you can use them as slip-ons.

Double Foot Warmers some with Massager

Double foot warmers are excellent at keeping your feet warm and bringing them up to temperature. However, there are a few disadvantages and you may want to take these into consideration when selecting your electric foot warmer.

The main disadvantage is that it can be very uncomfortable to sit with your feet close together and static for any length of time.

Electric foot warmers have a removable inner liner that can be washed when needed. There are generally 3 variable heat settings and it is advisable to choose a foot warmer with auto shut off if the warmer should get too hot.

Although perfectly safe, the heating element is powered by the mains electricity, which could further hinder any movement. All that said the double foot warmers are great for a speedy warm-up.

Choosing an electric foot warmer with a massager can be a real benefit, relaxing your feet using the shiatsu kneading motion.

Electric Warming Pad for Feet

If you prefer to have your feet unrestrained, perhaps if you are sitting at a desk, the foot heat pads are a great alternative. There are some models with rotating shiatsu massage balls that help to keep foot circulation by stimulating the undersides of the feet.

Don’t worry about searching for electric foot warmers for men or women. The foot warmers are built to accommodate all sizes of feet!

Electric Heated Socks

We love electric heated socks at The Heat Chief ! Heating your feet perfectly and still enabling you to get on with your everyday activities. Bear in mind that each sock has a pouch that holds a small rechargeable battery. If wearing wellies, waders or tight trousers this could rub against your leg. Scroll down for the best foot warmers for outdoor activities.

Users of electric heated socks report that a 4000 mAh battery will last for about 4 – 6 hours and approximately 8 -10 hours for the 5000 mAh versions. The recharging time is approximately 3 – 4 hours.

Remember to remove the battery before putting the socks in the washing machine.

The Best Heated Socks for Cycling, Fishing and Motorcycle Riders

Electrically heated socks require a battery which is stored in a pouch at the top of the sock, this can make life very uncomfortable if wearing fishing waders, motorcycle boots, ski boots or even tight cycling trousers. Consider electrically heated inner soles instead.

Heated inner soles have a super slim, internal rechargeable battery that is recharged via a USB cable and is operated by remote control. This means there is no fiddling about under clothing for on/off or heat setting buttons.

The inner soles can be trimmed to size (following the guidelines of the manufacturer) and used and interchanged in any shoe or boot.

Although heated inner soles can not be washed using a washing machine, they can often be surface cleaned with water and a brush.

What are Foot Warmers?

Foot warmers are single-use pads and last between 4 to 8 hrs, they cannot be reused. The warming pads are great for walking or just to get your feet back up to a comfortable temperature. However, if you suffer from cold feet consistently even when at home try the electric feet warmers for super toasty feet.

Foot warming pads come in two forms, placement pads or shaped inner soles. They are generally made up of four ingredients, iron, salt, activated carbon and water. When the outer wrapper is removed, the ingredients react with the surrounding air and it’s this reaction that creates the heat and warms your feet.

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