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The average weight of a standard unfilled 600 x 600 mm double panel steel wall hung radiator is 20 Kg. A radiator requires approximately 11 litres of water per Kilowatt output. Therefore the total weight of a 600 x 600 mm, 1056 watt radiator will be approximately 31.6 kg. In this article, we look at other factors that can affect how much radiators weigh.

How Much does Water Weigh?

It is easy to work out how much the water weighs in a radiator. This is because 1 litre of water weighs 1 kg. In general, a central heating radiator requires 11 litres of water per kW output. For example, a 2500 Watt radiator would require 27.5 litres of water (11 x 2500=27.5).

Best Plasterboard Fixings for Radiators

Plasterboard is surprisingly strong, however, when affixing a heavy object like a radiator to the plasterboard the trick is to use the correct fixing.

There are many different plasterboard fixings on the market but not all of them can take the weight. Gripit Plasterboard Fixings can cope with some serious weight, up to approximately 113 kg and are ideal for fixing radiators and TV brackets.

Gripit plasterboard fixings have wings that spread the weight behind the plasterboard and can cope with varying thicknesses of plasterboard. They are easy to install by simply drilling a hole in the plasterboard, tapping the fixing into the hole and using the tool provided to open the securing wings. The radiator bracket can then be fixed to the wall using the bolt provided.

CAUTION: Beware that cantilever and swing brackets for TVs etc, exert a different force on the plasterboard so Gripit fixings may not be suitable for larger TVs.

What Weights can GRIPIT Fixings Take?

Gripits are colour coded and the colours determine which weights they can hold. the weights range between 20 kg to 113 kg. Use the information below to help you select the correct fixing.

gripit weight capacity
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How Much do Radiators Weigh?

The weights of operational, standard radiators.

Oil-filled Radiator – 500 x 600 mm: Weight 11.2 kg

Cast Iron Radiator – 600 x 400 mm: Weight 44 kg

Aluminum Wall hung Radiator -1800 x 280 mm: Weight 13.5 kg

Steel Wall hung Radiator – 600 x 600 mm: Weight 31.6 kg

How Much do Radiator Valves Weigh?

Radiator valves will also add to the weight of the radiator, although this added weight is negligible. The average thermostatic (plastic) rad valve for a steel wall hung radiator weighs approximately 300 grams and 200 grams for the standard rad valve. Chrome rad valves and valves for cast iron radiators can weigh nearly twice as much as the standard plastic versions, weighing approximately 600 – 800 grams.

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